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65 dni temu
Kiss10 lat 353 dni temu
Sweet teddy10 lat 354 dni temu
Sweet teddy
Each person who passes in our life ... goes alone .... is because each person is unica ...... and none replaces another!!!
Heart balloons 10 lat 354 dni temu
Heart balloons
Pink gem10 lat 355 dni temu
Pink gem
Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is imprenscindível for your own happiness.
Tender flowers10 lat 358 dni temu
Tender flowers
There is nothing impossible, for the dreams of yesterday are the hopes of today and may become reality tomorrow.
Fireplace10 lat 359 dni temu
For you, my friend ... you are very special and important to me.
Tender flowers10 lat 361 dni temu
Tender flowers
So delicate, it is a flower To wonder Owner of a value that the world forgot Petal of love in the air
Kiss10 lat 363 dni temu
Rainbow10 lat 364 dni temu
Love and art do not embrace what is beautiful, but what precisely with that hug becomes beautiful.
Sun11 lat temu
* Our happiness will naturally be proportionate in relation to the happiness we do for others. -I love seeing her happy
Heart stamp11 lat 3 dni temu
Heart stamp
Od: ta_afins1
For you!!!
Coconut drink 11 lat 3 dni temu
Coconut drink
Heart balloons11 lat 6 dni temu
Heart balloons
a friend who won   throughout life   enriches us,   not so much for giving us,   but by that reveals,    ourselves.
Sun11 lat 9 dni temu
uma feliz seginda feira minha querida amiga beijuuuus
Friends' hug 11 lat 11 dni temu
Friends' hug
Love is in the air11 lat 12 dni temu
Love is in the air
Kiss 11 lat 13 dni temu
Rose flakes11 lat 16 dni temu
Rose flakes
That angels bring you tranquility and beautiful dreams tonight. Beijuuuus who adores
Sun11 lat 16 dni temu
today .... ....   .. one day ... .. wonderful .. thank God ..     and thanks        by existing in my life
Unique rose11 lat 17 dni temu
Unique rose
...final de um lindo sabado ...........de muita paz...... ..e que seja feliz sempre..
Kiss11 lat 22 dni temu
kotku Kocham cie